Family Tree DNA 4th Week Holiday Sale 2015 -part 2

Hi Everyone:

The following codes have also been posted on my blog at

Please read the dna related blogs I have posted there.

Due to FTDNA’s vendor messing up the coupons it appears they sent out new coupons to replace the ones previously posted

I have, therefore, gone back and checked for new coupons which I have posted below. If the coupon you wish to use does not work let me know (it could have been used and once used it will not work). I posted the better of those I found.

These codes should work through midnight this coming Sunday night and a new coupon issued Monday morning.

Good Luck!



R105IBFI8TU4                      Big Y 25 Off

R10QRW7GY1RV                Big Y 25 Off

R10H7S3TVOVZ                  Big Y 25 Off

R10GITR8B6UY                   Big Y  25 Off

R10NWC1FG9N1                  Big Y  75 Off


R10F43D5UULL                   Mt-DNA FS  5 Off

R10ZGKFJVXTK                  Mt-DNA FS    5 Off

R10QFDZXMTQM               Mt-DNA FS    5 Off

R1042AIV0PCU                    Mt-DNA FS    10 Off

R10XKMWGAZNT              Mt-DNA FS    10 Off






R10ZWODYDSSI                 Y-37-67-111  5 Off

R106PSHNDNIT                   Y-37-67-111   5 Off

R10239VMSHI6                    y-37-67-111   5 Off

R10V3PUUC6FA                  Y-37-67-111   5 Off


R10ECA7Q3AQS                  Y-37-67-111   10 Off

R10QGH4XUB7D                 Y-37-67-111   10 Off

R10DLR3S6Z8Y                   Y-37-67-111   10 Off

R10GDIIYYH6G                  Y-37-67-111   10 Off

R10X16CBHZ7C                   Y-37-67-111   20 Off


R105BSH6NLXR                  Family Finder 5 Off

R10AV1EBQ18M                  Family Finder 5 Off

R10IOIO6ABHD                   Family Finder 5 Off


R10XSS2R72VM                   Family Finder 10 Off