About the 2016 Holiday FTDNA Sale and coupons


Hi Project Members:

In this post I have information about FTDNA’s annual Christmas Seasonal Sale and discount coupons. I will also talk about different types of tests, so, be sure to read this and  subsequent posts as I will be disseminating new information about tests and things about your personal page.

I apologize for not being as attentive recently as I would like with the projects over the past few months. I live in the Dallas, Texas area and the Texas and Collin County economic peopl, where I was living,  have been coercing companies such as Google, Toyota and others to relocate to the Dallas area, mainly form California. Thus we have had a quite energetic housing boom- just when we decided to buy a house.

You would not believe the market. It has been a “seller’s market”. People coming here from all over, particularly, from California-with cash (credit not needed) in hand.

We tried purchasing a house in Plano and surrounding communities of Collin County where we lived. We would make an offer on a house based on the asking price. When we did not hear back from the seller’s agent within 24 or so hours we contacted the agent only to be told they were accepting “multiple offers”. It was like an auction where the asking price was the starting price-and it went up from there. Then the agent would contact us and ask if we wanted to up our bid.

So, to make a longer story shorter- after several months of being abused in the real estate market, we ended up moving to Corsicana where the real estate market was no so robust and is only 50 miles South of Dallas. Corsicana is the county seat of Navarro County with a population of about 25,000 people. So far, we like it very well. I still, however, work at the Dallas Public Library which is 54 miles from our driveway. I simply put the car in Cruise Control, set the speed on 70 or so and peddle north on Interstate 45. I am in the library garage in a little less than an hour.

Fifty four miles and an hour driving time sounds like a long way. From Plano, it took me about ten minutes to the train, forty minutes to Downtown Dallas and another ten minute walk. A total of 60 minutes. So, it is about the same amount of travel time, except I have to do the driving and am not able to read as I used to do.

Oh, and we are still trying to unpack….we have boxes of “stuff” in every room of the house, the garage, plus, the carport and two store rooms. Actually, we were cited by the city for storing stuff on the carport, so that stuff has now been relocated to other rooms.

So much for what has been happening my personal life.

On to DNA and you!

The Christmas-winter Holidays is the time of year Family Tree DNA has their largest product sale. Most of their products are on sale.

The one product that really catches my eye is the Family Finder (autosomal DNA) test. I do not remember what I paid for mine several years ago but last year the regular price before the sale was $99. During this past summer they had a sale selling Family Finder at $69. After the sale the regular price became $79. So, now, during this sale the sale price is $59. That is the lowest price it has ever been and it takes away the price objection of it being too much to pay. I frequently spend more than that at a moderately priced restaurant for me and my wife.

Anyway, here is the schedule of products, their regular price and their sale price:


Product Retail Project Price Sale Price
Test Retail Price Project Price Sale Price
YDNA37 $169.00 $149.00 $139.00
YDNA67 $268.00 $248.00 $229.00
YDNA111 $359.00 $339.00 $319.00
Big Y $575.00 $575.00 $525.00
mtDNAPlus $79.00 $79.00 $79.00
mtDNA FMS $199.00 $199.00 $179.00
mtDNA Upgrade $159.00 $159.00 $139.00
Family Finder $79.00 $79.00 $59.00

In addition, FTDNA also has discounts on the following testing bundles:

Product Retail Project Price Sale Price Sale Price
Bundle FF Y MT Total
FF+37 $49.00 $139.00 $188.00
FF+67 $49.00 $229.00 $278.00
FF+111 $49.00 $319.00 $368.00
FF+FMS $49.00 $179.00 $228.00
FF+67+FMS (Comprehensive Genome) $49.00 $179.00 $229.00 $457.00


This year FTDNA is again enticing customers with coupons.

Each week on Monday (through Christmas) customers will receive on their personal page a new coupon. The coupons offer a monetary Discount Off The Sale Price of a product. The coupon expires at midnight Sunday of that week when another coupon will appear.

Everyone will find on their personal page an icon at the top of the page

Click on it and the offer and a code will appear.

You can click on an icon to make a purchase of you can share the coupon with someone else.

If you are not interested or have no use for the coupon you have received, please send me the offer and coupon code so I may offer it to someone else. Also, if you need a coupon for a particular product, let me know and I will check what I have and see if I have one you can use.

Below is a list of some of the coupons project members have sent me.

Should you need one, please contact me for the coupon code. If a coupon has previously been sent to someone else and no longer available, I will send you the next most valuable coupon code for what you wish.


MTDNA-                    $10 Off

MTDNA-                    $20 Off

Y-37, Y67, Y111      10% Off

Y-37, Y67, Y111      20% Off

Y-37, Y67, Y111      $10 Off

Y-37, Y67, Y111      $20 Off

Y-67                           $40 Off

Y-111                         $60 Off

Big-Y                           $50 Off, $75 Off, $100 Off


I may be contacted at mic@micbarnette.com

Wish you luck discovering your dead ancestors