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Now, about this site…

I  began this site a few years ago with the idea of writing about X-chromosomes. Since that time, however, while I am still fascinated with X-Chromosomes I sensed a need to write about other aspects of Genetic Genealogy.

I keep this page as a welcome page so visitors will know what the page is about.

I considered changing the name of the site to something different but decided to keep the title as most of the topics center on DNA and genealogy.

I have been a participant and an administrator at Family Tree DNA for a number of years. When FTDNA started conducting the Family Finder test I saw a real opportunity to help me bridge some of the several gaps I have in my lineage.

Even more recent, FTDNA began showing on our personal pages and the Chromosome Browser page our 23rd Chromosome, also known as the X-Chromosome. When I realized there were only a few (compared to ALL) X-chromosome matches I sensed this as another tool to figure out how my Family Finder/Autosomal DNA cousins were matching me.

I checked my Advanced Matches for X-Chromosome matches. Initially, I had 16 matches and as of today I have 17, 6 are male and 11 are female.


Of the 17, two of my X-matches are 2nd cousins, two are 3rd cousins, five are 4th cousins and eight are 5th cousins. I do not know, never heard of, nor, have I ever met any of them. However, through this project I hope to do so.

In any case, I decided this was going to be a great way to figure out how I matched at least some of my Family Finder cousins. So, I set out to create this website. I also, created a way for each of us to exchange emails and set up a Google-Group called Mic’s X-chromosome Project which may be accessed at mics-x-chromosome-project@googlegroups.com . All my X-Chromosome cousins will be invited to join as will anyone else interested. Since this is a very new list I believe people wishing to join must go to the project and request to join. If that does not work, email me at mic@micbarnette.com .

Now, I just told everyone how easy this project was going to be. As in, I have over 1000 Family Finder cousins and only 17 X-Chromosome matches. How simple is that?

Well, I decided, I could set up a similar website and Google Group for my cousin, Peggy. Peggy is my 1st cousin and is the daughter of my father’s sister. She inherited her X-Chromosome from her mother and my father might have inherited one similar to it from his mother. How cool is that?

Think again….. I checked Peggy’s X-Chromosome matches. She has 230!

I scratched my head. When I got a chance I went to a couple of the DNA projects I administer and checked the , X-Chromosome matches for males and for females. We (Peggy and I)  were right on target  with what I found. Males had double digit matches, usually in the teens or twenty’s. Females, on the other hand,  all had triple digit matches. 150 was low and one or more had over 300 matches. Most, however, had 200 + matches.

So, what I plan to do is ADD Peggy’s X-Chromosome to this Project page and set up a separate Google Group for her. I will have to create a pedigree chart for her and somehow put in all her 230 cousins into the invitation page for her Google Group.


I also have tested at 23 and Me and Gedmatch. At Gedmatch I should be able to locate my X-Matches easily. However, at 23 and Me I have about 1000 matches. As far as I know I may have to view each of my matches on their chromosome browser to figure out which ones are my X-Matches. That may take a while.

I currently have another 1st cousin for whom I am awaiting results. Rita, is a daughter of my mother’s sister. She and I “should” share many of the same X-chromosome cousins. Or, am I in for a surprise? She ought to have 200-300 X-chromosome matches too. If they are on her father’s side, I will not match them. Any on her mother’s side I might?

Guess we will find out!

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ALSO,  anyone interested in pursuing their X-Chromosome matches should read the link in the toolbar at the top of this site called Finding X-Matches. That page explains how and where to locate one’s X-matches on the FTDNA personal page.