Family Tree DNA 4th Week 2015 Holiday Sale

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Everyone!

Below I have listed some coupon Discount Codes for this weeks FTDNA Holiday Sale. Please check your own Personal Page to view your own coupon. If it does not do what you want, come to this page and find one that will help. Also, if you can not use the coupon on your personal page, please send me it to me in case someone else can use it.

These codes are good from now through Midnight Sunday December 13, 2015. Also, they are valid for a single use. If you try a code and it does not work it could be someone else has used it. Please return here and find another code. It is only logical, however, the better coupon code will be used first.

ALSO, remember the discount codes are in addition to the discounted price of the tests.

If FTDNA has your DNA they will keep it about 25 years. And if they have your DNA sample you will not have to provide more unless they run low and in that case they will send you an additional kit to re-supply them.

According to my chart I took my 25 marker test in April 2003. Since then I have upgraded to Y-37, the Y-67, the Full Sequence Mt-DNA, Family Finder and since this sale, the Big-Y. They had enough to process my Big Y test but have sent me a new kit to return to them as a back-up for the future although I am not sure what that would be used for.

I thought I would see if I could tell how the projects I administer were doing so far as new orders during the sale. I was unable to really tell due to the way the statistical data is reported on our status page but here is a guesstimate as of Monday morning December 7. This is the first time I tried following this information. I thought maybe you might find it informative.


Y-DNA 37       1 order sent to lab

Y-DNA 67      1 order sent to the lab and 1 ordered but not received

Y-DNA 111              1 order sent to lab and 2 ordered but not received

Mt-DNA Full Sequence    3 orders sent to lab

Family Finder   5 orders sent to lab and 2 ordered but not received

1 Big Y              1 order sent to lab



R105IBFI8TU4                      25 Off Big Y

R10QRW7GY1RV                25 Off Big Y

R10H7S3TVOVZ                  25 Off Big Y

R10YBJ7KLL1N                   25 Off Big Y

R102EX4974AJ                     25 Off Big Y

R10NWC1FG9N1                  75 Off Big Y


R10F43D5UULL                   5 Off Mt-dna Full Sequence

R10ZGKFJVXTK                  5 Off Mt-dna Full Sequence

R10QFDZXMTQM               5 Off Mt-dna Full Sequence

R102ASFTKEZU                   5 Off Mt-dna Full Sequence

R108MXEHATEC                 5 Off Mt-dna Full Sequence


R1042AIV0PCU                    10 Off Mt-dna Full Sequence

R10XKMWGAZNT              10 Off Mt-dna Full Sequence

R10PQ6RAFM7Q                  10 Off Mt-dna Full Sequence

R10XA5OLF5SD                  10 Off Mt-dna Full Sequence


R10ZWODYDSSI                 5 Off Y-37-67-111

R10265WUCHI3                   5 Off Y-37-67-111

R106PSHNDNIT                   5 Off Y-37-67-111

R10239VMSHI6                    5 Off Y-37-67-111

R10V3PUUC6FA                  5 Off Y-37-67-111

10QGH4XUB7DR                 5 Off Y-37-67-111

R102U5FF0KLT                    5 Off Y-37-67-111

R109OAMXKEYX               5 Off Y-37-67-111

R10HTHU9VBLK                 5 Off Y-37-67-111


R10ECA7Q3AQS                  10 Off Y-37-67-111

R10DLR3S6Z8Y                   10 Off Y-37-67-111

R10GDIIYYH6G                  10 Off Y-37-67-111

R10YL0778IDK                    10 Off Y-37-67-111

R10N6N11MM32                  10 Off Y37-67-111

R10P1N7WFJ84                     10 Off Y-37-67-111

R10UKSL25XQ9                   10 Off y-37-67-111

R10A5H9PYVV0                  10 Off Y-37-67-111


R101ZHV1UIB4                    20 Off Y-37-67-111


R105BSH6NLXR                  5 Off Family Finder

R10AV1EBQ18M                  5 Off Family Finder

R10IOIO6ABHD                   5 Off Family Finder



R10XSS2R72VM                   10 Off Family Finder

R10DD8TMAOCR                10 Off Family Finder