MyHeritage A New Place for DNA, etc

I have tested with FTDNA, Anestry and 23 and Me. Several years ago 23 and me decided they would outsource their trees with MyHeritage. So, I uploaded a tree there via GEDCOM.

My tree apparently was more than the “Free Tree” allowed and I never could figure out how to trim it down to the level of the basic account.

At some point I succumbed to joining MyHeritage and I constantly get smart matches, Most of the matches are for earlier generations. I keep meaning to go in and work my tree but still plan to do so.

Recently MyHeritage decided to get in the DNA business. They have worked out a partnership with Family Tree DNA to conduct the testing as well as sell their own kits.

For the past several months MyHeritage has been advertising that anyone who had tested with any company could upload their raw data to the MyHeritage database. At some point in the near future they plan to cut off the ability to upload raw data for free.

Anyway…….a few days ago I uploaded my own raw data as well as that of seven  of those whose data I administer such as my brother and sister and a couple close cousins. After only a few days, yesterday I received an email I had smart matches for each of the uploaded accounts.

I have 1 tree and each of my seven DNA people are so marked on my tree and each received numerous smart matches. The least matches received was 35 and the most was 53. Most of us received 40 or so matches and most were not duplicates. I have already tried to contact several of the new matches.

Currently there is no chromosome browser, but the program tells what the anticipated relationship is, the percentage of DNA shared, the number of CM shared, the number of shared segments and the largest block of shared cM. I understand they will have a chromosome browser in the future but I do not know when.

In addition to trees, and DNA, Myheritage has a host of census records, newspapers and others types of new records to search.

So, if you would like to have another place to mine for DNA relatives you might try