Do Full Siblings Match Ethnically?

Do Full Siblings Match Ethnically?

One of my students asked in a recent class if siblings were exact matches to one another in DNA tests and did they show the same ethnicity percentages in ethnicity charts and maps.

The answer is unequivocally NO!

To demonstrate that answer, it just so happens I recently had my two siblings, a brother, Cliff and sister, Fran, tested at FTDNA.

Below I will show each of My Origins charts from FTDNA showing our ethnic make-up. There is not much ethnically there that is exciting or exotic but we all three are different in our ethnicity even though we all three come from the same mother and father.

Since I have also tested at 23 and Me I will show my ethnicity charts first from them to show they are different than the charts for me at FTDNA which I will show second.

Picture 1 is my map from 23 and me.

It will not do it here, but the image is interactive. On my personal page on 23 and Me the image moves when touched with the cursor. Each circle and each color moves and interacts with the chart which follows the map.

I am told 23 and Me uses 31 ethnic population references in their analysis while FTDNA uses 21.

Also, I am told these ethnic percentages are fluid in that they change to reflect living people who match me now and change as new people take tests and match me later.

The ethnicity is intended to reflect my ethnicity 600-800 or more years ago at a time before Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue and Europeans left Continental Europe to the New World.

If I had Native American ancestry my chart would show shading in North Eastern Asia extending over to Alaska, down the American west coast and possibly extending south into Mexico and Latin America.

The last image summarizes the difference between my 23 and Me ethnicity report with those of myself, my brother and my sister from Family Tree DNA.


DNA-23-Me Ancestry Composition  DNA 23 Me-Mic Ethnicity

Above is  my 23 and Me Chart and Map


              DNA-Mic's Ethnicity FTDNA       DNA-Mic's Origins Map

Above is my FTDNA Chart and Map


DNA-FTDNA-My Origins Chart-Cliff          DNA-FTDNA-My Origins Map-Cliff

Above is the Chart and Map for my Brother


DNA-FTDNA-My Origins-FJ      DNA-FTDNA-My Origins Map-Cliff


Above is the Chart and Map for my Sister

  DNA-Autosomal Ethicity-BarnetteAbove is a chart showing a summary of ethnicity for all siblings

 SO…….As one can see, siblings from the same parents do share the same ethnicity-just not equally!